IMPORTANT: Parent Survey


Dear South Redford Families:

I would like to personally thank you for all you are doing to ensure your child is successful while learning from home.  It is extremely challenging for all of us, and particularly for families, who are oftentimes juggling multiple children, a variety of schedules, work obligations and all the other day to day tasks.  We appreciate you!

South Redford has been learning remotely since school started, and we would like to get your feedback.  The teams who worked this summer to study options and develop our Preparedness Plan went to great pains to ensure the students' best interest was kept at the center of every decision.  In addition, the group understood the importance of simplicity, equity and flexibility.  

Please take some time to offer your feedback that can be used as we evaluate South Redford's remote learning plan.  We are open to your suggestions and ideas.

The survey will close at midnight on Sunday, November 1, 2020.

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Go Eagles!

Brian Galdes

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