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Dear Parent,
I wanted to take a minute to provide some background on The South Redford Eagle Scholars Program.
The Eagle Scholars Program was founded on the belief that all students deserve an exceptional education, regardless of zip code.  Students who qualify become part of a community of high achievers engaged in rigorous coursework and broad based enrichment.  And unlike many honors programs, we do not have a specific number of slots available.   If your child qualifies, your child is accepted.  While the entrance exam and grade point average are important, we also require that some students interview in order to provide the admissions committee with a deeper understanding of their strengths. Indeed, we are all much more than a test score.
And while Eagle Scholars exit the program more than ready for college than the average student (currently we have alumni at Harvard, MIT, Northwestern, U of M, and MSU) we recognize that ultimately, the whole child matters.  For this reason the program requires that students participate in extra-curriculars, serve the community, and complete a capstone project prior to graduation.  
Feel free to call, email, or come in for a school tour to learn more!
Rory Hughes, Eagle Scholars Program Coordinator


Recent News

MSTA Awards

Holly Hereau (Thurston) and Katie Stevenson (Fisher) named Science Teachers of the Year

We are proud to announce and extend congratulations to Thurston science teacher, Holly Hereau, and Fisher 4th grade teacher, Katie Stevenson, who will each be highly honored with an award in 2019 from the Michigan Science Teachers Association (MSTA).   This is the first time both the High School Teacher of the Year and the Elementary Teacher of the Year have been chosen from the same school district!

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A community of leaders engaged in rigorous coursework and broad-based enrichment.