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STEM Certified Diploma Program

Mission Statement
Utilize our unique location, resources, staff and local network to provide students with a real-world, STEM education which will allow them to obtain higher level STEM educations and lucrative jobs in the Detroit area, thus making our community a better place to live and prosper.
Our Commitment
Partnering with local educational institutions and corporations to develop a curriculum that is proven to increase the success of our student's in later STEM studies and careers. We are committed to a growth mindset that adapts the curriculum in accordance to the current practices in the STEM industry.
Why Stem?
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills provide our students with the tools they need to change the world. Whether you design the next popular app, save someone's life with a new medical device or clean up Flint's water, STEM skills will be part of your journey!  Students that study STEM in high school have a much greater earning potential later in life. Current statistics show that, STEM jobs are projected to grow 13% in the next 10 years. Between 2017 and 2027, the number of STEM jobs will grow 13 percent, compared to 9 percent for non-STEM jobs—with positions in computing, engineering, and advanced manufacturing leading the way. 
See for more exciting statistics.
Why Thurston?
Thurston has a unique mix of opportunities. Our prime location just outside of the rapidly growing city of Detroit, paired with state of the art MakerSpace and instructors with real life engineering experience, allow us to provide our Eagle STEM Scholars with a real-world education in fields with great earning potential. We partner with local organizations to ensure our program has the most up to date elements. Our students have unique opportunities to interact with local colleges and corporations throughout the program. Extensive scholarship opportunities may be available to students that complete the requirements below and maintain a 3.0 or greater average with a minimum grade of a C (or 2) in any STEM core classes.
Why Now?
Detroit is an exciting place to be right now. With the rapidly growing economic opportunities, there are endless possibilities for our students. With STEM studies, if they can dream it, they can achieve it right in our own backyard! 
Requirements 2019
May be subject to change.

English 4 years
-Minimum 1 credit of technical writing
Science 4 years
-AP Computer Science
-AP science course of their choice
-Minimum of through Pre-Calc
-Minimum 1 Applied Math elective
Engineering Specific
-Introduction to Engineering
-Fundamentals of Engineering
-Senior Capstone
-Minimum 1 CAD class
Minimum score of 620 (SAT) and/or 21 (ACT)
Require a relationship/exposure to local engineers.
May include volunteer work, job shadowing, college visits, co-op, etc.
Sample Course Sequence
  Freshman Sophomores Juniors Seniors
Class Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2
Math Algebra 1 Algebra 1 Geometry Geometry Algebra 2 Algebra 2 Pre-calc Pre-calc
Science Physical Science Physical Science Physics Physics Biology Biology AP Science AP Science
English Hon English 9 Hon English 9 Hon English 10 Hon English 10 AP Lang English 11 Technical Writing Analytic Reading
Social Studies Hon US History Hon US History World History World History Economics American Governement Science/Tech/Math Elective Science/Tech/Math Elective
Elective Physical Education Health Intro to Computers CAD Intro to Engineering Fundamentals of Engineering Science/Tech/Math Elective Science/Tech/Math Elective
Elective Language Language Language Language AP Computer Programing AP Computer Programing Senior Capstone Senior Capstone
Recent Events
Who do we work with? Below are some of our contributing organizations.
Investment Opportunities
If you are interested in making an investment in the future of our students and the city of Detroit, please contact us about financial contributions and volunteering opportunities available.
For more information, please contact:
Rory Hughes
Coordinator, Eagle Scholars Program
Instructional Coach

Mrs. Kathryn Poirier, STEM Instructor

Thurston High School | South Redford School District | Redford, Michigan

P:  313-535-4000 ext 1104 | Best Way to Reach Me: